Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Black Magic Rescue and protection in Islam

Within Islam, the term Jinns, are used to describe what are commonly known as evil spirits. There are some that can be good as well, but most often are referred to as evil when discussing them. The workings of the occult within Islam are similar to other religious doctrines, it is simply that the term is used specifically to describe these spirits that can do harm. The term encompasses a wide variety of possible forms jinns can take on, including human, animal, trees, anything they like. It is understood that they have free will, like that of humans, and therefore will also be held accountable for their actions. They can choose to obey or disobey God, like humans can. The Islam jinn who does not believe in God, is known to serve satan. However, these evil demons are typically invisible and are said to be of lesser status than angels. They are also said to be either Muslim or non-Musilm. Islamic text identifies their place of origin from the smokeless fire. "Indeed We created man from dried clay of black smooth mud. And We created the Jinn before that from the smokeless flame of fire" [Surah Al-Hijr 15:26-27] They are most often used in witchcraft and to instigate harm. It is typically the black magician who is contacting them regularly. They are not seen by the human eye in normal circumstances. The sorcerer calls upon the spirits, and commands it to harm or possess someone. This is a very common occurrence among magicians, and does indeed happen, even if one does not ask of it. When someone practices magic with a negative intent, or black magic, a jinn, or several, are typically involved whether the magician is aware of it or not. In the Quran it is understood that anyone who is conjuring and using them for their sorcery have in fact rejected God, Allah. The person must have rejected God in order for them to receive the service and help from such spirits in magic. In other words, they worship jinn, instead of Allah. Therefore, anyone who is conjuring Jinns, is sure to be sinning and going against Allah and the Quran. In Islam it is commonly understood that they will lead people away from God and away from the practice and application of Islamic beliefs. According to Islam, there is one assigned to every human being at birth whose sole purpose is to distract us from doing good and upholding righteousness, and are also called qareen. This directly corresponds with the Christian use of the term devil, which is said to tempt us to sin. black magic is one of the most horrible, tragic sufferings one can experience in life. But it is important to remember that black magic, voodoo, and possession only occurs if it is Allah's will. "But they could not harm anyone except by Allah's permission." [Quran 2:102] With this as the basis, it can often make us wonder, but why? Why has God willed this on me? According to Islam, practicing any sort of magic is said to be one of the most vile sins in Islam. Abu Huraira Narrated: The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said, "Avoid the seven great destructive sins." The companions inquired, "O Allah's Apostle! What are they? "He said, "To join others in worship along with Allah, to practice sorcery, unlawfully take a life, eat Riba (usury), eat the property of an orphan, run away from the battlefield, and falsely accuse chaste women.." Sahih Muslim Free Credit Scores So why is this happening to me, you may ask? The why questions of our lives are endless, and this one question and pain associated with this suffering can truly make us doubt God. But the answer is simple: it it happening to bring you to God. "And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me." [Quran 51:56] If you find yourself a victim of black magic, then this is God's calling to you. It is a test of your faith and your strength, and God is trying to help you to make the right decision. We have been given free will, so you have the choice of how you will behave. Do not seek hateful means to survive it. Do not wish ill onto them. Find love in your heart and try to forgive them. They do not realize what they are doing. Try to see all events in your life, including black magic, as being that of Allah and you will see that God is only trying to bring you closer to Him. Daily prayers should be completed by you without fail, in whatever religion you find yourself associated with. Some Hadiths say that reciting Sura Ikh-las, Soora Falaq and Soora Naas (Suras 112-114) 3 times in the morning and evening protects from Black Magic, Jinns, etc.


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