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Love spells

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Lust Spell
Well, this spell isn't for love, it's for lust. It's all a chemical thing anyway, so love might evolve out of it. Make a voodoo doll to make someone lust you.

Love doll
The best-known way of getting a man to fall in love with you is to bewitch him through a doll that represents him. Ideally, you should make the doll yourself. Carve it from some natural material such as wax, wood or clay; bake a doughboy (be sure to use lots of spices), or sew a rag doll. A store bought figure can be used, but it won't be nearly as powerful as the homemade.

Fidelity spell
Voodoo fidelity spell with a tiny doll of the person you want to be faithful to you, out of dough.

Spell to make your husband loyal
Perhaps the most powerful spell that can get you to make your husband loyal to you is in all its terms only a love spell. Love spells can be tricky and should always be carried out with the utmost care and attention.

Get a lost lover back
It’s always hard to get over the pain of a broken relationship. Especially when you are the person that ends up getting dumped. Just when you thought that this was the right person for you, WHAM!! He dumps you. So what if I told you that there maybe a spell that could bring him back? You bet it’s worth a try.

Spell to find perfect soul mate
The search for a soul mate is the never ending search in a person’s life. If one is lucky enough to have found one already, he is very lucky. For the rest of us, who are blessed with lesser good fortune, here is a spell that can help you find the perfect soul mate.

Find a lover
Looking for love? Looking for that one person to fill your lonely days with love and laughter? You can do something about it at last. Given below is a spell that can help you find a lover, on the double.

Bring back loved one
Love spell to bring a loved one back

Get loved one back
Love spell to get a loved one back

Win a rejected love
Love spell to win a love who rejects you

Bring back a lover
Love spell to bring back a lover using return oil

Restore lover's affection
Lost love spell to restore lover's affection

Voodoo love spell
This spell should be performed every night for a period of nine days beginning the full moon cycle

Love and hate you spell
Love and hate you spell

Love and Anti-love
This spell is presented in several degrees of severity, allowing you to choose just how much trouble you want to make