Sunday, 10 April 2011

Get a lost lover back


It’s always hard to get over the pain of a broken relationship. Especially when you are the person that ends up getting dumped. Just when you thought that this was the right person for you, WHAM!! He dumps you. So what if I told you that there maybe a spell that could bring him back? You bet it’s worth a try. Here is a simple spell that can help you reunite with the lost love of your life:

You will need:
A clean white sheet of paper
White candle – 1
Red candle -1
Your loved ones photograph
Red Ribbon
Black cloth


This procedure works best if followed on a full moon night. Take the sheet of paper and write your lovers name on it thrice using a red or black marker. Light the white candle and place it to your left. The red candle must be lit and placed on the right. Next singe the horizontal ends of the paper over the white candle and the vertical ends of the paper over the red candle. Be careful not to burn the paper. After doing this place the paper and your lover’s photograph in the black cloth. Fold the black cloth to form a makeshift bag and tie the top with a red ribbon. Then hold the bottom of the bag over the red candle and chant three times envisioning your lovers face:
“Oh the gods of the holy trinity, bring my lover unto me”
Repeat the same process with the white candle. Then bury the bag under fresh earth. Of you don’t have a backyard; you can even bury it in a potted plant. The spell takes approximately 48 hours to come into effect. Once you are reunited with your lover remember to throw the bag in a moving source of water like the sea or river.


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