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So truly what is Darkness....? It is not an object, it is not an entity, it is nothing more than the absence of something called Light. Just as there is no such thing as cold..... cold is simply the absence of heat. Heat and Light exist because of the Sun.

When the Sun is absent in the sky at night we call it darkness. The same goes for people who claim to be Dark and worship dark entities or Gods. They simply do not developed their Body of Light. They are void of the majority of Light even though they have the Divine spark within them and the majority of the Deities they worship are truly not Dark. I see it every day... people that write me thinking they are these powerful dark beings and they worship Lucifer. It see in the pages of peoples web sites and so on with all the demonic pictures that they glorify and so forth.
Well guess what.... the joke is on them! Sorry to piss in your Tea Cup but Lucifer is not a dark being. Recently I was talking with Archangel Michael. I already basically knew the answer to the question I was going to ask because I have my own personal Sumerian Deity that is on my left side always who directs me. Anyway... I asked Michael about Lucifer and if history and the churches just gave him a bad name. Archangel Michael laughed and told me that Lucifer was not Evil but at one time he was misdirected and he did have a brief tumble with Lucifer (whom I call Enki) but all was good between them now. He said that there were many lies in the Bible. This is due to the churches trying to keep us in a "Control System" based on fear just as our President and Congress are trying to do to us now. Yes... controlling the masses. Telling us what we can and can't do. So therefore you have the Bible telling us believe this and that and you go to Eternal Heaven. If you dont... you go to Eternal Hell and Damnation. Keeping us in Spiritual ignorance so that we will never escape this Matrix of life and reincarnations life so that we are basically prisoners. So no we don't even go to Heaven even if we believe their control system of lies.

So what is a Dark Being....? A truly dark being is anyone human or in spirit form that does not have the Light Energy in their body. Yes... especially those whom are excessively or hypocritically pious. Even those who go to church every Sunday and are devout Christians are not truly filled with Light. So even if they are not Evil... they are not filled with Light. This is because they have not worked with their Chakras and developed the Body of Light or shall I say their Aura. So they all have darkness in them.

So now lets get back to those of us whom practice Magick and want to have power over the Elements. Many people write me and ask me how they can have control over these things. Well Mastery of the Body of Light is the way. The Body of Light is also very important for doing Astral Travel and having access to the Higher planes. Even Crowley wrote and taught about the Body of Light. You can find it in the book entitled "Book 4" that he wrote. These are some quotes from that book...The technique of Magick is just as important as that of mysticism, but here we have a very much more difficult problem, because the original unit of Magick, the Body of Light, is already something unfamiliar to the ordinary person. Nevertheless, this body must be developed and trained with exactly the same rigid discipline as the brain in the case of mysticism. The essence of the technique of Magick is the development of the Body of Light, which must be extended to include all members of the organism, and indeed of the cosmos. The object is to possess a Body which is capable of doing easily any particular task that may lie before it. There must be no selection of special experience which appeals to one's immediate desire. One must go steadily through all possible pylons.
In Magick, on the contrary, one passes through the veil of the exterior world (which, as in Yoga, but in another sense, becomes "unreal" by comparison as one passes beyond) one creates a subtle body (instrument is a better term) called the body of Light; this one develops and controls; it gains new powers as one progresses, usually by means of what is called "initiation:" finally, one carries on almost one's whole life in this Body of Light, and achieves in its own way the mastery of the Universe.

Here he tells us how this is achieved...
  1. The fortification of the Body of Light by the constant use of rituals, by the assumption of god forms, and by the right use of the Eucharist.
  2. The purification and consecration and exaltation of that Body by the use of Rituals of Invocation.
  3. The education of that Body by experience. It must learn to travel on every plane; to break down every obstacle which may confront it.

So you can see here that the man who everyone says was the most Evil man in the world was filled with Light. I believe he also was mislabeled by the Churches in an attempt to keep people away from his teachings. Yes maybe called himself the Beast 666 because his teachings were in contradictions to the Mainstream of Churches. But he was not Evil.

Well now for all you whom worship Lucifer.... that is all fine and dandy for he is a Being of Light.... the Morning Star. For he never fell to earth. He was given dominion over the earth and the waters just as his brother Yahweh/Enlil was given dominion over the Skies.
But those whom worship him because they think he is Evil are living in ignorance. He is probably sitting back with his Reptilian Council and laughing at these humans and their ways of thinking.

So now we have established some facts and that Darkness is simply the non existence of Light. So to say you are a brother of Darkness simply means you are truly robbing yourself of your Divine inheritance. You will never Ascend into the skies, you will never walk thru fire or walk on water. Trust me when I tell you that Jesus was not the only being on earth that could do these things. We all have the ability to do so if we work with the Light in our bodies and do the proper invocations.
You don't have to read the Bible or go to church. This is much greater than the lies they teach us in the churches.
2012 is coming soon and there will be an new level of Consciousness. Those who do not raise their Vibrations and develop their Body of Light will die from Cancers and many other diseases. For their bodies will not be able to live in these higher vibrations brought forth by this coming new age. They will truly be in the Dark.

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