Saturday, 9 April 2011

kamran khan pricelist

looking for some black magic teachings.i have read swami's post regarding magic and black magic. every time i have to searched for it, one name keep on coming. this guy kamran khan under the tittle of guru jee.

kamran khan the guru from kamran khan store. this dude is young but perform miracles in his own way. this guy kamran khan have very very very expensive prices regarding his work that he provides. very good in his work but too expensive. i wanted to learn but his price is too high. now how the hell u can learn something we can't afford.

i wanted to marry some one and he said the cost of the will in £'s and his totally charges will be £7,500. which makes it over 10,LAK IN RUPPES.

i'm thinking to sell my personal things to arrange the money for him ..

is that right thing to do ...? when u love someone that much ...

most of the people also saying that he has some supper natural powers and some even saying this that he is not even a human. why is not human i this question to few people and there reply was ... we were a kid when my parents use to visit this guy and still he is young. i think either he is not human or he has found a way to stop the aging process.

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