Sunday, 10 April 2011

find perfect soul mate

The search for a soul mate is the never ending search in a person’s life. If one is lucky enough to have found one already, he is very lucky. For the rest of us, who are blessed with lesser good fortune, here is a spell that can help you find the perfect soul mate.


Ylang ylang oil
Pillar candle – has to be orange in color
A slip of paper
Red marker or pen
Dish of glue

First on the slip of paper, describe in detail the kind of person you wish to attract using only red ink or marker. You can describe anything from physical looks to the kind of character that you are looking for in your soul mate. Have this paper place exactly at the centre of the dish of glue. On top of this arrangement place the candle. Next draw a circle around it. This spell can either be performed on the ground or on a table. Once the circle is drawn, light the candle and utter the following spell three times loudly:

“Oh the sprits of the yore
Listen and breathe
Hear the words that I speak
A soul mate it is that I seek
A soul mate it is that I seek “

For better results wear the ylang ylang oil as perfume until you achieve your desired goals.

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