Saturday, 9 April 2011

As Below Up Above

Spell sneaks up on the person and can be disregarded as a foot fungus or a common cold. Though really it infects the person virally and can subdue or handicap them it's very powerful magic and should not be done while in a good mood or at all. But if you feel that you hate someone so much it could be so bad for the person they might even die.

Items you will need

  • Strong hateful emotion
  • Personal item of the person
  • Dry graveyard dirt
  • Bowl

Casting Instructions for ' As Below Up Above'

Before doing this if you dont want to be attacked or harmed by evil use my other spell called 'The Field of Protection'one or two days in advance. This spell is simple but a whole lot of dangerous. This is for advanced witches only. Please dont be bold or stupid to try this because it can backfire terribly on the common practitioner. If you have questions leave me a message.
Light the candles,crush the dirt and mix it with the personal item.
Then chant 4 times: ''I need revenge and I need it now, Another way I dont know how. I summon you dark witches guide, My word and rule you will abide. Meririon,Ichthion,Sphandor(sa-fan-der),Atrax destroy him/her you know why, After 120 hours then you die. Let the concil of magic justice watch over you, To make sure you do what i summoned you to.''
Now sprinkle the dry dirt where the person has to walk everyday. The spell's effect takes longer if the person wheres shoes on the floor you sprinkled the dirt on.

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