Sunday, 10 April 2011

Spell to make husband loyal

Perhaps the most powerful spell that can get you to make your husband loyal to you is in all its terms only a love spell. Love spells can be tricky and should always be carried out with the utmost care and attention. Given below is a basic spell that can be performed on your husband to ensure that he remains loyal. Other methods also include Sprinkling of an herb known as licorice on your husband’s footprints to ensure his return, adding garlic to his food and placing either rosemary or marigolds under your husband’s pillow while he is asleep.


Lock of Hair of the husband tied with a pink ribbon
Lock of your own hair tied with white ribbon
Three pink candles
One apple
Cinnamon Oil – 3 drops
Rose Petals – 7


First take a lock of your husband’s hair and have it tied with a ribbon that is pink in color. Light three pink candles. Then hollow out the apple and place the lock of hair inside the apple along with 7 rose petals, a lock of your own hair tied with white ribbon and add 3 drops of cinnamon oil. Next pass the apple through the flame of each of the three pink candles visualizing your husband and yourself. Tie the apple in a piece of white cloth and have it buried under your bedroom window. This will help strengthen the bond between you and your husband.

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  1. yeah i have see your spell but i want to know how you do it when your husband has got no hair on his head. love spell that real work.