Friday, 8 April 2011

Luck Hand Root Money Spell

To get and hold a job, always carry a lucky hand root on your person. Use Lucky Nine Oil on your wrists each day for nine days, and burn some John the Conqueror Incense each night. These roots bring luck in all undertakings and no conjure bag would be considered complete without one. The hands are usually imperfect, but this does not affect their value as a talisman. The ones which are formed so that all five fingers are distiguishable are very rare and therefore extremely expensive.


  1. I like the information about the money spell. This blog is great that is why i want to link it to black magic love spell one day we can share something

  2. Great blog and great information always infact i have been looking for Love Spells all over i do not know if you can share any posts. Thank You

  3. You hardly discuss issues or points to benefit we Nigerians.By this, I mean speak the equivalents of those materials, oils, gems,roots,leaves that can do the same jobs if we apply them in our mother lands.Pls be frank to these things if they really works,okay.