Sunday, 10 April 2011

fidelity spell

Voodoo Fidelity Spell

Blue Nile incense sticks
Red candle
Bergamot oil


Make a tiny doll of the person you want to be faithful to you, out of dough.

Stick Blue Nile incense into the head of the doll. Light the incense until the ashes that fall of it coat the entire doll.

In a pan, place the doll. Hold it above a lighted red candle and toast the doll. Add a few drops of bergamot oil so that the doll begins to fry a little. Now say the following,

“A leash of love, or one of lust,
May you be bound, till your flesh is dust?
Never an eye, ever will you cast,
Over another, until you last.”

Remove the doll from the pan. Put it into a pouch and hang under the bed of the person for whom it is made.
Leave the doll there for 10 days. After this, bury it in a pot outside the window of the person. Do not forget to do this as this extends the length of the spell and increases its effectiveness. The person will turn faithful with each passing day


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