Saturday, 9 April 2011

Luck to love spell

This spell is intended to take someone else's luck away for a certain period of time, and convert it to love for you. NOTE: I do not reccomend using this spell in cases of selfishness or revenge. It will backfire. If you decide to use this spell, be sure that you have a good reason.

Items you will need

  • concentration
  • strong voice
  • clear conscience
  • good-natured heart
  • two people

Casting Instructions for ' Luck to Love'

Close your eyes, standing back-to-back with the person you're casting this spell with, and focus on the person you intend to cast this spell at. Invision their face and the color of their personality and intensions. Chant this spell in sync with the other person:

Luck from one,
Onto two,
Then divide.

Don't take offense,
It's already done.
It won't last long,
Though it's just begun.

Soon yours will lessen,
And ours will rise,
But in the end,
It will compromise.

Turn luck to love,
Until he/she learns.
As a selfless being,
His/her luck shall return.

By the power of the(whatever element you favor most), let it be so!!!

In a couple of days, the spell should take action. WARNING: If your intensions were selfish, mean, hateful, or to avenge, the spell WILL backfire and instead both luck and love will fail you for a short time.