Saturday, 9 April 2011

Stimulate mind

Here are my favorite Toys for the Brain. I have many of these toys to stimulate my mind and entertain me for at home or when Im away on vacation.. I even have a very old Mind Machine from back in the 80's and it still works great. These Mind Machines are great for Past Life Recall and Visions. These devices are simply a Trip! The biggest benefit from the devices is that they create Hemispheric Synchronization. This where both side of your brain are working together. Thus stimulating the brain making you even grow new brain cells. Yes... long ago scientist were wrong..... you can and do grow new brain cells. Thus making you more intelligent. We only tap into a fraction of our mind. This helps you you tap into more of it. Plus... you can dial in any state of Consciousness and be at that state within minutes. For instance.... you can dial in a deep state of Theta where it could take you years to do without this device. So you can go into deep mediation within minutes just like some Yogi sitting in a cave in the Himalayan Mountains. Or you can dial in an alert sate of Alpha brain waves which is great for speed learning or you can even combine two different state of consciousness so you are deeply relaxed and yet very alert! There also some different software's such as the Wild Divine Biofeedback System. This company Mind Modulations offers all kinds of mind toys.... check em' out.
You really have to try one these to see just how awesome they truly are!

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