Curse and cure

Voodoo Spell to End a Relationship
Spell to end a relationship or easy break up
Spell to break up a relationship
Ever thought of wanting to get out of a relationship but dint know how? Ever felt trapped in a relationship that you really dint want to be in? Better still ever wanted to break up your best friend and her guy because you had a crush on him first? We have something that can help.

Akoda curse
Temporary Curse which lasts only one week.

Bad Luck For Enemies

This is a spell to give your enemies bad luck, specifically minor injuries.

Death Spell

It's not to kill your enemies but is a possibility if used severly but its mainly for causing horrible bad luck

Karma Spell
To get a Bully to feel the pain he/she inflicts

Lemon Curse
A curse using a lemon!

Luck to love spell

This spell is intended to take someone else's luck away for a certain period of time, and convert it to love for you. NOTE: I do not reccomend using this spell in cases of selfishness or revenge. It will backfire. If you decide to use this spell, be sure that you have a good reason.

Undo protection spell

this spell is to remove a protection spell you must have had to have casted one on them before doing this spell so after you do this spell you can get revenge so it doesnt back fire on you

Anger revenge spell

A spell to release anger you have on an Enemy. I suppose you could call it black magic. Should really only be used if needed. not to be taken lightly.

Bad luck to enemies

Bring bad luck to your enemies

Curse of total destruction

A curse of total destruction that you can cast on someone you hate.

Mutiara-E curse
A powerfull curse spell

Messed with a witch
This spell will curse the targeted person

An evil death
destroy every one who dares to get in your way

Love and Anti-love
This spell is presented in several degrees of severity, allowing you to choose just how much trouble you want to make

As Below Up Above
Spell sneaks up on the person and can be disregarded as a foot fungus or a common cold. Though really it infects the person virally and can subdue or handicap them it's very powerful magic and should not be done while in a good mood or at all. But if you feel that you hate someone so much it could be so bad for the person they might even die.

Bad / Good Drink spell

Makes a drinkable substance disgusting or delishous...It's irreversible