Saturday, 9 April 2011

Mutiara-E curse

A powerfull curse spell

Items you will need

  • 24 black candles.
  • something link to the target.
  • Your magic wand.
  • 3x3 inch paper.
  • 1 blessed pen
  • Mutiara-E pentacle

Casting Instructions for ' Mutiara-E curse'

  1. Create an altar with your black candles. Make a circle of black candles around the altar.
  2. Place the linked object to target in the 3x3 paper.
  3. Write in the paper with the blessed pen ''Mutiara-E''.
  4. Place the paper in the top of your magic wand. And the pentacle too.
  5. Then burn your wand circling the altar. While burning chant:
    Mutiara-E, the dead heart.
    Heart of thy must dead.
    Bring curse, bring laugh.
    Its must very tough.
    Let it be
After the paper and pentacle burn completely light the candles. Walk around the altar repeating the chant above several times.

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