Saturday, 9 April 2011

Kamran khan healer

i had alot of problems in my life.

problem with marriage
problem with family
problem with money
problem with having kids

and many more ....

where i went people thought i was a problem child. spent so much money where ever some one told me to find the solution for my problem...

first few months of marriage was great and after that every thing went down the hill. came up to that point where my husband family members start saying things about me because ( was unable to have kids )

One day their was a guest came in my neighbors house while i was sitting there. we start talking and start sharing things and then i start telling her about my problem. The name came out from mouth was " Kamran Khan " from kamran khan store. She said he had the solution for your problem.

He is very expensive and don't give any promises at all but still his services works. most of the time you will not only feel but also see how it's working..

She said is located in lahore, you will be lucky if you get time. never mind the money side. now i was living in multan and it was impossible for me to go to lahore and see this guy.

when i came home i just called him and told him about my problem. He gave me few advices and then quoted me the price and steps.

i was shocked to hear " RS 1,35000 ". I told the i cannot pay him that much and hung up.

I contact my neighbor again to ask her relatives who visited her that day to call me urgent.

later that day i received the call from her and i told her that he told me the price " RS 1,35000 ". she laughed and said you lucky he gave that price i have paid him over " RS 5,00000 " to have my problem solved. She said don't look at the price, look at the problem that you have...

Few days later i called and said.. ok i'm ready to pay...

Too keep things short...

i paid him and he gave to few things to keep

few months past by and still nothing happened... so i called him again and said ... well nothing is changed ... nothing is working ... and he replied .. u must wait ....

easy for him to say ... wait . when i had to sell my gold to pay him " RS 1,35000 ". well i had to choice but to wait...

few more weeks went and then all of sudden i got the biggest shock of my life when my doctor told me that i'm pregnant...

few months before i was nearly at the door from getting divorce and today ... i just smile every morning when my husband kiss me before he leave.

I always pray for my neighbors, her relatives and kamran khan for helping me

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