Sunday, 10 April 2011

find a lover


Looking for love? Looking for that one person to fill your lonely days with love and laughter? You can do something about it at last. Given below is a spell that can help you find a lover, on the double.

Materials Required:
A sheet of blank white paper
A cardboard or wooden box
A pair of scissors
Pink rose petals (dried) – 1/4 cup
Quartz crystals preferably pink – 2
A ring suited to fit the ring finger
A candle – has to be pink

This spell must be performed ideally before the sun has set. First of all induce the feeling of love in all of the above listed objects. Next cut the sheet of paper in the shape of a heart. Make two hearts in a similar manner. Glue the two hearts together side by side so that it looks like it is intersecting. Then place this in the box. Take a handful of the dried rose petals and place it close to your heart and chant the following verse twice:
“Send my true love to me, oh great love deity”
Then deposit the rose petals in the box. Repeat this 5 times. After this, place the crystals, one on each heart inside the box. This should then be followed by placing the ring right at the centre of the box. Chant the same spell as above, three times this time.
Next light the pink candle and place it to the left of the box. Allow the candle to burn for exactly 9 minutes and then extinguish it in a single blow. In these 9 minutes think about the kind of person that you want to have in your life as a lover. Remember to concentrate.
Burn the candle the same way for 9 minutes everyday until the whole candle is consumed. Once the candle has burnt out, collect the wax and place it in the box in place of the ring. Wear the ring on your finger and then bury the box any place that you can find. The spell should work in 52 hours from when the box has been buried.

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