Saturday, 9 April 2011

Surgeon Experience

Dr. Shah (a famous surgeon in Pakistan) has witnessed this and is said to have never seen anything like it in his lifetime, he has conducted more then 70,000 operations and this was his first chance to witness something like this.

He operated on a girl Shazia who had a needle in one of her fingers. A year back a needle got pierced in one of her fingers while sewing & she went to Civil Hospital to have it taken out, the doctors discovered that the needle seemed to have broken into 3 pieces and they could only take one of them out.

After a few months she got an infection in that finger and went to Jinah this time, they too could only take one piece out and this time her finger got crooked after the operation.

A month back she went to Dr. Shah and asked him to remove her finger as it was hurting a lot. Dr. Shah told her that he wont remove the finger but he will try his best to get it back to its normal shape. He took out the third piece and also operated on her finger to make it straight.

After a week he got a call from the girl saying she had pain in her finger so he called her back and when he did an xray he found that there was a needle in the finger again. He operated again and gave the needle to the mother of the girl.

After 3-4 days Shazia called again complaining of pain, he called her again and found that there was another needle in the finger. This time he operated in the presence of the girl's mother and showed her the xray before operation and gave her the needle, after the operation he again did an xray and saw that there were 2 needle in the finger this time.

The bandage was in place and this was immediately after the operation so no way she could have or anyone else could have put them in. As she had been operated a few hrs back he couldnt operate again the same day so he sent her back & called her the next day, operated and took both needles out.

He got a call again from Shazia after 2 days and this time when he did an Xray he found there were 3 needles now 2 in the finger and one between the finger and the thumb. The plaster from previous operation was in place. He operated againa nd took all 3 needles out.

When this incident was told to a maulvi whom Shazia goes to, she was told that someone who was jealous of her had casted a spell of black magic on her. On the day of the last operation she was told to read a few soorats etc and was told that the needles will not appear anymore.

The baba ji said that the timing for the previous operation wasnt right to break the spell and the last operation was done at the right time. Shazia is said to have seen people whom she thought she knew but couldnt see their faces clearly during the operations, she said they would come and press my wound making me feel pain and they also somtime pressed my throat making me suffocate.

She has not yet complained of the needles appearing again. In total Dr. Shah operated and removed 8 needles from her hand.

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  1. I do not believe this.... Someone must have done these but not through spells.