Sunday, 10 April 2011

Terminate relationship

Voodoo Spell to End a Relationship

Memorabilia associated with the relationship, a chain, and a gift anything.
Wisteria incense stick
Peppermint oil
Grapefruit oil


In a large cauldron, put in memorabilia associated with the relationship. Write the following spell on a piece of paper,

“The time has come, for it all to end.
The roads that crossed now another way bend.
From heart and memory,
Soul and Mind,
May remnants so go?
They are hard to find.
Rush in the era of a fresh connection
A brand new bond, a resurrection”.

Read it out loud and throw it into the cauldron. Light a wisteria incense stick and toss it in. Add a dash of peppermint oil, a drop of grapefruit oil and a palmful of ginger. Cook until the items in the cauldron begin to singe and sinew. Pour in enough water to cover the matter. Boil until everything evaporates. Make sure nothing remains in the cauldron. If any remains are found, collect them and bury it under a pine tree. If a pine tree is not available near by, then bury it under the nearest tall tree you can find


  1. very important to every one wish to use this magic spell to terminate any relationship is that you should not use the spell to take advantage of others or treat others ill because you know how to use this spell. Thanks a lot. Black magic love spell.

  2. I see this magic spell as a useful one but not to many people because it can easily be used to destroy other people's relationships.
    Please check on my love spells page and hopefully for your comments thanks.


  3. Black magic
    is control to someone by vashikaran mantra, But use this process guideliness.Because it reflect wrong way.