Saturday, 9 April 2011

key to doors

I have opened many Doors that cannot be shut, but I have passed through these doors only to move forward in my Quest for the Light. As I passed through each Door I am being tested each day with my Strengths and my Weaknesses. Sometimes finding that I'm passing through the same Door several times until I've learned my Lesson. However I found that with passing each test I am rewarded with more Light and more Love from the Universe. There are many days I asked myself why I chose to enter this Matrix, this Hellish game of Life. However, I know I am here on this Earthly Plane to bring others out of the Darkness and into the Light as I have brought myself from out of the Darkness. For there have been long periods of my Life where I have experienced the deep, deep Dark Abyss created by my own thoughts which would Manifest into this Plane creating Chaos, thus pushing me further behind the Veil and away from my Divine God self. For many years I lived with Anger, Fear and Hatred for all those who had done me wrong and all those who I do not agree with or did not agree with me. Now I have released all these Negative Energies that have so controlled my Life and kept me from moving forward to the source of the Divine. Now I'm reaching even deeper within my Subconscious Mind to find those hidden Dark Doors from my Past Lives but still haunt me to this day. I will keep searching for these Doors within my Mind until I have passed through each one and released that Energy. For those of you who are reading this and are regular visitors to my site... I strongly advise that you start working with your Body of Light. The time is now to start working with your Chakras and Invoke your "I Am Presence" to strengthen your Aura and to build this Body of Light so that you may lift the Veil of the Illusion that we live in. For those of you who only choose to do your Spells and not work on your Spirituality... you will only become Stagnant. Returning to this Earthly Plane time and time again until you figure out how to play this game called Life and the return to your God self. For those of you who do not work with the light will only find yourself open to the Cancers and other Diseases that infest the physical bodies upon this Earth for Disease cannot live in a Body of Light but can truly make a home out of your temple if it is filled with Darkness.
So go now and ponder on your Life and why you are here and what you are doing in your life to evolve Spiritually. As the World around us is now in financial Chaos is time to find your way back to the Light. It is time to make working with the Light at daily part of your Magical workings. For without Light you truly have no Power. For within your Mind and Heart lies the Key.... now open the Door.

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